Community Council, March

April 3, 2010 by Fergus
Some of the items up for discussion at the March community council meeting included:
1. Doggie dodos
There had reportedly been various complaints about amount of doggie dodos in the woods.
Although some didn’t think the problem was that bad, it was acknowledged that it was an ongoing issue. Highland Council used to supply free disposal bags available from the Spar Shop. Councillor Black reported that these bags were now only available from HC Service Points. It was suggested that someone might care to pick up some of these bags from  the Service Point and for them to be kept at the shop. Meanwhile, it was questioned as to how much the bags and distribution across the region costs Highland Council. It was suggested that in times of severe budget restraint maybe dog owners could at least provide their own dodo disposal bags.
What do you think? Should Highland Council provide free doggie dodo disposal bags? Why not comment below with your thoughts.
Meanwhile, responsible dog ownership was requested with owners asked to please clean up after their dogs.
2. Trees Ellanwood Road
There had been complaints about the trees in Ellanwood Road. Some residents feel the trees are getting too big and should be cut down altogether. The community council has been asked to sound out local opinion.
Comment below and let us know your opinion.
3. Old Folks Christmas Party
With a growing numer of older folk in the village, questions have arisen regarding the increasing cost of the annual Christmas Party. A number of options have been put on the table as to how to manage this from putting the age up to 65 and over to scrapping the Christmas Party altogether. There was some reluctance to this latter option as it was felt that for many the party was a valued social occasion. The community councillors have been asked to give thought with the matter to be discussed at the next community council meeting.
4. Winter Maintenance
Councillor Black reported that the snow this winter had created numerous problems particuarly with regard to road clearing. The whole issue is being discussed by Highland Council and is to be the subject of a special Badenoch and Strathspey Ward Forum to be held on May 26 at Aviemore Highland Resort.
5. Riverside Path
The newly redesigned Riverside Path is virtually completed with work undertaken with funding though the Cairngorms Outdoor Access Trust. The community council have been asked to organise an official opening.……



Highland Council Budget
Anyone interested in Highland Council’s budget, what money is spent on and suggested cuts in public services, can find out more information at
Highland Council is organising a series of budget consultation meetings to provide the opportunity for people to express their views on the proposed cuts. The Badenoch and Strathspey consultation is scheduled to take place on June 23 at Boat of Garten village hall.

Image by John Talbot

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